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Surface And Mineral Owners

Disputes Involving Easements, Drill Pads, Unitization, Pooling And Spills Of Oil Or Salt Water

At the Law Offices of Fintan L. Dooley, we provide a wide range of legal services to people across North Dakota. Our attorney, Fintan Dooley, has practiced law for over 35 years, and has achieved many successes in state, federal and tribal courts. We know that every time we work with someone, we have the opportunity to right wrongs and achieve a just outcome.

  • Mineral rights cases: If you have not received the correct amount of royalties for your mineral rights, we can bring a claim against the oil and gas companies for what you are owed.
  • Three questions: We answer the questions. You choose — negotiate or sue.

    1. Have you received the royalties you deserve?

    We review your lease, unitization, pooling orders and define your loss. You choose: negotiate or sue. We advise you with the help of certified oil and gas accountants.

    2. Have your minerals gone free of lease?

    We review your lease, relevant rules, laws and constitutional provisions. If you are suffering trespass we will tell you.

    3. Are you being overcharged or untimely charged for your working interest participation(s)?

    We analyze your lease, relevant rules, laws and constitutional provisions.

  • Land use and environmental claims: If your land has been contaminated or otherwise damaged, our law firm can protect your interests. We advise you along with reclamation experts and if the case is big enough we join arms with experienced North Dakota litigators.
  • Resolution of business conflicts: We represent small-business owners who are involved in various types of disputes. These disputes often involve contracts such as buy-sell agreements, partnership agreements, employment contracts and commercial leases.

Civil Rights

In addition to our firm’s bankruptcy and mineral and land rights practice, we work with people facing many different civil rights issues, including:

  • Civil rights cases: Over Fintan Dooley’s career, he has represented clients in all types of civil rights and First Amendment cases. Some of his cases include:
    • State v. Dalgliesh: We successfully argued that the legislature’s imposition of criminal sanctions/forfeitures on a disabled worker was excessive.
    • Cardiff v. Bismarck Public Schools: We successfully argued that the state constitution required schools to provide free text books, busing and certain after-school activities.
    • United Plainsmen v. North Dakota Water Conservation Commission 247 N.W.2d 457, 461 (N.D. 1976):
      The Supreme Court stated that under the Public Trust Doctrine, “The state holds the navigable waters, as well as the lands beneath them, in trust for the public.” The North Dakota Constitution Art. XVII, Sec. 210 provides: “All flowing streams and natural water courses shall forever remain the property of the state for mining, irrigating and manufacturing purposes.”

In all cases, you can count on us to fully investigate your case, analyze the facts and the relevant laws, and work tirelessly to achieve your goals. Our attention to detail, combined with our experience, has made a difference in many people’s lives.

Administrative Practice

Especially for mineral owners with matters before the North Dakota Industrial Commission; Dooley is now serving three North Dakota citizens who are surface and mineral owners who have matters before the NDIC and District Courts. All face the reality that industry has formed intimate relationships with government. The lawyer’s challenge in his effort to protect the interests of surface and mineral owners is to persuade judges to act as independent constitutional officers.

Bankruptcy Chapter’s 7 and 12

Specially for farmers and ranchers were challenged to find credit and manage their obligations during distressed markets for grain and livestock; Persons filing chapter 7 bankruptcies need to plan their filing to protect their exemptible property, and where possible convert nonexempt property to exempt property. In some instances taxes may be discharged or compromised. In some instances school loans are dischargeable.

With the advent of drought and collapsed farm prices, operators may consider reorganization in Chapter 12. Fintan Dooley has done farm and ranch reorganizations.

Condemnation and Eminent Domain

Especially for those facing threats by electrical transmission lines and pipelines.

Family Farm Transition Planning

Especially for those who have a problems persuading an elderly to embrace their end-of-life.

Natural Resources

See Fintan Dooley’s website Dooley is the coordinator. On March 6, 2017, Salted lands became a 501(c)(3) and can now accept charitable contributions. The primary mission of Salted Lands educational endeavor is to count the acres of farm and ranch land which have been damaged, destroyed or devoted to the oil industry.

The North Dakota oil industry has not been as responsible as the coal mining industry. The coal industry restores the lands which it has mined.

Constitutional Interests of Sex Offenders:  Helping with Pardons Expungements and Delisting or Shortening the Listing of Sexual Offenders

Our criminal justice system has become cruel and often intimidates the innocent to accept false pleas. Many who have pled guilty are listed for terms of years, which makes no sense.  Many of them are innocent. Many of the others are repentant. Contrary to public perception, most sex offenders never re-offend after they are referred to counseling.

Constitutional Lawyer Dooley has often stood in for those falsely accused, falsely convicted and those coerced into pleas that are cruel and unusual.

Has someone you know been labeled a sex offender for years or for life?

Make the call to discuss your case.   701-212-1000.

IRS Levies & Liens

Attorney Dooley has effectively served North Dakota business clients who have run afoul of the IRS. He has endured and succeeded in every single audit he has been a part of. In each case, the IRS determining it had over claimed taxes due and actually owed refunds.

In contrast to Optima Tax Relief, a California company which is actively advertising in North Dakota, Dooley serves his clients himself without the interference of phone answering staff, junior interns and clerks. Which is to say that Optima in the sole experience Dooley and his client had with Optima, Optima assigned and changed phone answering staff, junior interns and clerks. In Dooley’s sole experience with Optima Tax Relief they returned fees to his client because they failed to serve his client. Chiefly they did not ever allow the tax payer in North Dakota to have communication with an Optima Tax Attorney. They assigned the North Dakota client to an endless series of phone answering staff, junior interns and clerks.

Dooley’s approach to the IRS is to get up close and personal. He and his clients inferable pay respects to the IRS by going to their Bismarck office as soon as possible. A good strategy in dealing with any adversary and especially wise with one as powerful as the IRS. That strategy has worked. In each instance, the IRS collection agent showed mercy because of the candor Dooley and his clients delivered in first and subsequent communications.

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