Notice to Surface Owners

Are you told your lands are held held by production? It's time to call the bluff.

In the present oil market , few conventional wells will ever be returned to production . That is especially true now. Salt water flooding or carbon dioxide recharge is not , is not going to occur.

If wells on your surfaced estate have been out of production for any substantial length of time, my review of the ND statute and the caselaw , from across the United States, brings me to this firm conclusion.

You will win the key fact question: Is it economically profitable to return the well to production? Lapse of time in the oil price of this moment give a resounding answer; "No!"

Have you had Abandoned Oil Wells occupying your land long after primary term of leases have expired?

The judicially important consequence is that occupation " held by production " has damaged the health your of your land and water.

The well bore, pits and surface facilities leach brine under and off site onto your land. See

The tables have turned against the resource poor nearly bankrupted holders of the unproductive wells. The delay of well closures, long after wells have been economically viable, has decided the fact question for you

The policy of the law and the caselaw favors you. Act now! By compliance with established law yourvland will "go free of lease."

Once land is free of lease, we have a soil scientist team competent to enforce plugging of the well and reclamation of the surface.

if you wish you may keep all or part of the road.

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