Estate planning or revision?

Counselor Fintan's Message to Baby Boomers.

I am a 74 year old . I have practiced law since 1976 with but 6 year break from thr bumps and grinds of law to teach science and art at Afro-American functional orphans at Milwaukee's Clara Mohammed K-12.

As 70 something boomers draw nearer to "the shucking off of old husks" and as we hope for our new one , isn't it time to reconsider our treasures?

What shall we do with what we leave behind?

Our Boomer generation will turn over or leave for strangers the largest accumulation of wealth in the history of the world .

This is either our last or second to last decade . What can should we do with our treasures ?

Let's take another look at what we have already provided as guidance to our executor or trustee.

Maybe not much wealth Sure we stare in the face of a financial disruption as great as that our depression era parents so often told us about. But consider this is your chance to be a trustee of your own wealth.

Dooley and Office will be delighted to serve you if you have any questions about what you would like to do to bless others or spare the spendthrifts and your family disrupting their own and their family members avoidable grief.