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Fintan and Judith have been involved in serving those in distress since 1967

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Fintan L. Dooley

  • Over 35 years experience
  • Accomplished advocate in state, federal and tribal courts
  • Coordinator of the Salted Lands Council

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The Experience And Skill You Need

North Dakota has seen astounding growth in recent years due to the shale oil production in the Bakken Formation. As we speak, this growth is being jeopardized by falling oil prices. As a result, many entrepreneurs and other individuals may find themselves facing serious debt or involved in other matters requiring help from an attorney. For example, at the Law Offices of Fintan L. Dooley, we have represented mineral rights owners who have not been paid proper royalties and landowners whose land has been contaminated. We also serve those that are in need of estate planning or revisions to their plans.

Surface owners: Do you suspect your land or water has been contaminated by the oil industry?

Mineral owners: Do you suspect that you have been defrauded or underpaid for oil or gas produced from your property?

Business owners: Are you involved in a business dispute, including a breach of contract or other matter?

In addition to handling many areas of land and mineral rights, environmental law and business disputes, we also represent clients in bankruptcy proceedings. Fintan Dooley has vast experience disentangling corporations and individuals from complex bankruptcy issues involving the retention of personal assets and various tax matters that arise.

Whatever legal problem you are experiencing, we can help you work through all of your options. With our insight and guidance, we will help you develop an effective plan to manage these issues.

Call Fintan Dooley for your free, no-obligation consultation on these matters. You may also visit his Salted Lands website.

Fintan L. Dooley has over 35 years of legal experience, and has helped many clients through bankruptcy problems. In addition, he has a strong track record in litigating all types of cases in both trial and appeals courts. He has substantial experience serving clients in land and mineral rights cases, environmental law cases, business disputes and other types of cases. All told, we take on a broad range of cases, and are devoted to providing exceptional legal representation and client service.

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